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Eye-tracker integration with asalab

Eye-tracker integration with asalab

The real-time integration of eye-tracking and EEG becomes a more and more requested feature. The eye-trackers from Tobii are extremely usefull for this application since the eye-tracker is actually integrated into a computer screen and there is no need for the subject to wear a special eye-tracker device.

A connection between the Tobii eye-tracker and asalab recording system is established by setting up a network link between the two systems. During a recording procedure event information is exchanged between the systems in real-time. Event information may be subject responses (mouse clicks etc.), page transistions etc. All relevant eye fixation parameters are recorded with the Tobii system. The asalab system captures the continuous EEG (32-256 channels) as well as additional parameters like respiration, GSR (skin conductance) and vertical and horizontal EOG.

In an offline procedure EEG and the eye-fixation data are merged in asa for further analysis such as spectral analysis or source localization.

Real-time integration of Tobii eye-tracking and asalab

What is eye-tracking?

Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze ('where we are looking') or the motion of an eye relative to the head. An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movements. A number of methods for measuring eye-movements are available and the number of applications area is growing.   

About Tobii

Tobii Technology is a world leader in hardware and software solutions for eye tracking. Tobii has revolutionized eye tracking by making it plug-and-play, fully automatic and easy to use, allowing for time and cost-efficient eye tracking in broad market applications.

Tobii's products are widely used within the scientific community and in commercial market research and usability as well as by disabled people as a primary way to communicate.

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